What are the goals of the WSA?

To learn more about the academy, go to https://getyoursongsheard.com to receive the FREE digital book or audiobook titled, How to Be a Worship Songwriter.

These are the goals of the WSA:

1) Create dedicated congregational songwriters using the concepts and formulas from custom and existing songwriting education tools and declare their readiness to serve their local churches and those around the world.

They will receive the degree Acclaimed Congregational Songwriter.

2) Educate and prepare  administrators so they can form faith-based songwriting communities to serve, nurture, and promote member congregational songwriters.

They will receive the degree of Faith-based Songwriting Community Administrator. 

3) Educate and prepare music publishing administrators so they can serve, nurture, and promote faith-based songwriting communities.

They will receive the degree Faith-based Music Publishing Company Administrator.

Each of these functions: congregational songwriter–faith-based songwriting community administrator, and faith-based music publishing company administrator–are symbiotic. One cannot survive well without the other:

What does this mean? It means that each one of these may be separate functions, but the Songs4God.net Worship Songwriting Academy is designed so each cog is an inseparable organ of the whole, with a single goal. That goal is to promote Local Song Theology. More on what LST is below, but first, understand our single driving force: 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Proverbs 27:17

All parts symbiotic also means that each function will thrive exponentially because they are rising together. This wisdom from King Solomon and the word of God is the driving force and fallback wisdom for all our accomplishments. Continue to read why at every step inside every course, and inside every book written on the subject. It is not just a nice saying. There is power in the words and in the concept.

The benefits of group learning has been with us for many years. It’s time to apply this learning with God’s wisdom so that powerful and Spirit-filled songs are continually introduced to local churches hungry for fresh and well-written songs. Songwriters of all abilities, join us and watch as we distribute only the songs we feel are worthy of the attention of pastors and worship leaders.

Yet, the opportunities of songwriters at all levels will be higher with this method than traditional song publishing where only the best writers are called.

What is Local Song Theology?

The term local theology has been with us for a number of years and helps describe the study of God as he is seen in communities. The term has the connotation, depending on the viewpoint, of how religious practices might be interpreted among certain groups of people, and often referred to as “contextual theology”. But I and others, most notably Dr. Chuck Fromm, have a different way to define this term.

Local Theology is studying God in community. It is talking with people to hear how God is moving and working among them. It has nothing to with religion, and everything to do with recognizing the movement of the Holy Spirit among us. Local Song Theology is allowing the songwriters of a community to help proclaim the movement of God so communities can rejoice in their victories, share sadness in their heartbreaks, mourn together as a family, and dance in the delight of our living God!

“Let the message of Christ dwell among you
richly as you teach and admonish one another
with all wisdom through psalms, hymns, and
songs from the Spirit, singing to God with
gratitude in your hearts. And whatever you
do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the
name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God
the Father through him.”

Colossians 3:16-17

The practice of Local Song Theology: allow the songs of your congregation to reflect how God is moving in your community. 

The Songs4God.net Worship Songwriting Academy has every intention to educate and become the champion for local worship songwriters, for the promotion and preservation of local song theology, and so the songwriters get their best congregational songs heard and they are delivered to their local communities.

The Worship Songwriting Academy exists to empower songwriters and like-minded people who support them so they can build their own song distribution companies to spread the wonders of Local Song Theology.

–Stephen Robert Cass

To learn more about the academy, go to https://getyoursongsheard.com to receive the FREE digital book or audiobook titled, How to Be a Worship Songwriter.

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