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Promoting *Local Song Theology songwriting education, and the distribution of your songs to local churches and around the world.

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Keep updated as the Worship Songwriting Academy comes online. Contact us if you wish to stay informed of the progress. Learn how you can receive the highest available discounts on our courses and products.

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Course Descriptions

Read about the courses available to songwriters or anyone who wants to learn how to support songwriters. Learn about songwriting community creation, maintenance, and administration. Learn the ways of music publishing company legal and song administration.

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How Do I Start?

You can begin the flagship songwriting course, the Congregational Songwriting Mastery course. This will take you through many of the tenets of the philosophy of local song theology.

However, the best course to take would be the free overview: Congregational Songwriting Philosophy.

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About WSA

WSA promotes local song theology education for songwriters. This is more than just a place for songwriters to gather and share their songs, it is an online resource for songwriting education.

It is dedicated to songwriters of any talent level so they can learn to write songs worthy of the attention of worship leaders and pastors.

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*What is Local Song Theology? “Locally written songs telling of how God is moving in your community.”